Sunday, 5 January 2014

Never Trust A Snake

Sorry I haven't Posted much,But I'm here :D!Well,here goes.After being betrayed again I set out to find the Anacondrai,I walked and walked,and,"I found it",I exclaimed.I was greeted by a bunch of skeletons.I was walking around...........POOM!A snake came out of no where!And we talked blah blah blah and we raided the town for candy!We got back and talked,we decided to show Darkleys School For Bad Boys who I am!Gah!I hate Brad and Gene!We set up booby traps and tied up the students.Then the ninja showed up again!Argh!Most of them were booby trapped,MUHAHAHA!One came up and Pythor stole the map!And my uncle told me to come and blue came to pick me up.Argh!My uncle read me a bedtime story called Never Trust A Snake and I never made that mistake again.And,I fell asleep.Haha,*snoring*.


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