About Me

Meet me,Lloyd Garmadon!
Name: Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon
Affiliation:Green Ninja
Relatives:Lord Garmadon(father),Misako Garmadon(mother),Sensei Wu(uncle)First Spinjitzu Master(grandfather)
Friends:Kai(I forgot his surname -_-)Cole Hence,Zane Julien,Jay Walker,Dr. Julien,
Age:about,10(formerly)After using tomorrows tea:about,17
Loves:Candy(formerly),Playing video games(formerly),Fighting
Favourite Weapon:Super Bolt
Element : Creation
Hair Colour: Light Blond,like Zane.
Little Bout Me:I am the green ninja,I use to love candy and playing video games but now that I have grown,I like defending the people who doesn't fight.I use to go to Darkley's Boarding School For Bad  Boys.


  1. How does it feel to be the green ninja and save so many lives?

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