Thursday, 12 December 2013

An Unexpected Day,Part 1

Today I was eating breakfast at school when a package came from my grandmummy,inside was a bright, sticky candy.It was REALLY,REALLY hard to get any candy or fun toys in my boarding school for bad boys cause they are always teaching us how to pull tricks and take over the world and stuff.I was about to smush my face full of candy when this bully Finn saw me and took away my candy away from me and used his powers to turn it into crawly bugs and worms,"Disgusting!",I yelled,"HEYYYY!!!!MY CANDY!!".He laughed,looking around his friends,then pointing to his T-shirt that read "Evil Geniuses Don't Cry".Everyone was laughing.I had to get out there before he decided to stick me in the trash bin again.

I hid in an empty classroom and thought of a plan.What was that word again?I have to try and remember all the words in my Villain Vocabulary List.Plotted,thats right.I sat right there and plotted.I was going to leave Darkley's Boarding School For Bad Boys and never come back,AND I was going to get more candy.Everyone knows the first  rule of my mission is to dress really scary,so I picked the lock of the teachers closet and found an extra cape and a helmet to wear.There was also some other things the teacher took away from us like a rubber band,rubber snakes, and a soccer ball.Rubber snakes!Thats was it!They looked just like the Serpentine.HISSSSS!!

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