Thursday, 12 December 2013

I got betrayed by the Hypnobrai!

Arghhhh!I got betrayed by the hypnobrai!Now I 'm finding the fangpyre.It all started when the hypnobrai was making my tree house fortress,then the ninja showed up.After my fortress was defeated,they went  to get their staff.Did I mention the ninja stole their staff?And when we got back,Slitraa and Skales fought for the staff,and Skales won!Then,Skales ordered me to leave and never return!Arghhhh!!!!Being betrayed is the worst!


  1. Yeah,I know,this post is shorter than usual

  2. Is....this...person, from...Ninjago? I know nothing of the show actually.

  3. I changed my name!Now I can show my love for Ninjago in my own blog!