Thursday, 12 December 2013

An Unexpected Day,Part 2

The best candy store is in Jamanakai Village,so of course I snagged a wheelbarrow and loaded it up.I got lollipops,gooey taffy,sugar straws,EVERYTHING!I threw the snakes at the villagers watching me.People hid and were scared.This is great,I thought,I'm going to steal all the candy in Jamanakai and get a SUGARRRR HIGH!!What would Finn think now?Then this stupid ninja had to show up,saying the snakes were fake.They yelled at me for stealing.Before I knew it,they started throwing rotten vegetables at me,"I asked for candy!Not vegetables!I hate vegetables",I yelled.And thise ninja tied me up to a sign,ot felt like Finn all over again!I felt a single tear fell of my cheek,then I thought that Finn might be right about one thing- evil geniuses don't cry.I am Lloyd Garmadon!Son of Lord Garmadon,and future dark ruler!

I wandered through Glaccier Barrens to hide/plot.I was going to show those ninjas who they were dealing with.My luck turned around when I found this hatch that said "Hypnobrai Serpentine"on it with a picture of a snakes using mind control...I was shocked!This looked like the real thing!I thought it was only a myth!I opened the door,I fell down the hole.It looked like a snowy trap.I saw millons of me reflect through the ice.I saw a man,but he was all skeletons,I'd rather be tied up by ninjas than end up like him.Suddenly I heard a rattling,a bunch of TALKING SNAKES came out,the leader tried to use this swirly things to control my mind.Luckily when I slipped near an ice column it reflected back to himself.He was under my control.MY OWN ARMY OF SNAKES!MWA-HAHAHAHAH!!


  1. The backgrounds are snake skales!HISSSSSS!

  2. I prefer the snake scales are Acidicus's snake scales.Acidicus is the Venomari general