Thursday, 12 December 2013

My Hypnobrai Army

Now that I have an army,I order them to do stuff.First of all,candy from Jamanakai.At Jamanakai village,their leader,Slitraa,and his army hypnotaized the villagers.Then those stupid ninja had to show  up again!As I loaded my wheelbarrow with candy,and yelled,"Take the candy!!Take it all".And no one did.I'm never gonna end from my sugar high!Yee-haw!!When I was escaping with my candy,I tripped on some throwing stars and yelled,"My candy!".Argghhh!I hate those ninja!

Back to the Serpentine tomb.Ummmmm,I forgot what happened.But I ordered them to make me a tree house fortress,anddddd,I forgot.But I do remember two snakes carrying me and me saying" If I see one girl in here,I'm gonna go balistict".And,I forgot.

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